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Owning a terrier is about responsible management
“You can not train the terrier out of a terrier, they are their own people”.
Respect your terrier. Terriers; cats & hedgehogs are major casualties from our busy roads.

  • Terriers need all family members to have regard for tight front door/ back gate security.
  • Terriers need secure areas to exercise in regularly checked for fox holes or damage.
  • Terriers need a short lead on streets and extender leads in parks so easily avoiding incidents where a terrier run in pursuit to their death.
  • Terrier people are not about themselves they are about stepping up to this responsibility.

Terrierrescue terriers have escaped death having been found stray Please don’t be off lead naive risk takers: Terriers don’t have 9 lives they are K9

Step forwards and offer these wonderful terriers a new home, step up to the plate all we ask for is safety consciousness.

Rescueremedies specialises in Terriers and Staffies but has many other dogs too.
Please see our other websites patterdaleterrierrescue; rescueremedies; staffierescue and ambulldogrescue
Enjoy and remember “Why BUY and BREED whilst so many DIE & are in desperate NEED”

Benny DOM

Benny is our Terrier of the month.

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