Border and Red Fells

Borders and Red Fells. Why have we grouped these? Border Terriers are close cousins of Fell Terriers after all they came from adjoining geographical areas “the Borders” are next to “the Lakes”. The colouring of the Red Fell Terrier with a broken or wire coat draws you close to the Border, especially Working Border types. Both are much blacker as pups. So cousins indeed and unless the Red Fell is smooth, the resemblance is clear with the Fell have longer noses and the border more snubbed noses. People will see the Red Fells and ask “Is there Border in there?” Truth is “There may well be” is always the reply, as with Terriers! Show Borders are KC registered but Fell Terrier were never bred for show, but for performance and the Terrier fans would not let the Kennel Club get their hands on restricting their genetics. In truth Terrier people often put a good performing Jack to a Border or Fell without a thought other than their ‘fancy’ and breeding for traits.

Red Fells are not so well known and indeed as ‘Black’ is the dominant gene, usually within a litter of Fells; there are more blacks than reds or black and tans, so they are rarer. Read up on the Fell Terriers on this website for Red Fells. ‘Show Borders’ are a recognised KC breed and have ‘pet generation’ lines so their working instincts have ‘softened’.  You do get ‘Working type’ Borders (Like Belington’s) with strong working instincts, y=they look more rugged. Show Borders like Schnauzers are ‘softer’ and have a reputation of being ‘easier’ and have a strong Breed Rescue, so rarely come through our rescue. Lakeland border crosses signified by the border’s shorter nose do come through our Rescue.

Benji Red Fell

Toby Red Fell

Sam Border

Jack Ozzie Red Fell

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