Fell Terriers

Fell Terriers are real ‘Terriers!’ They weren’t ‘Frozen and defined’ into pedigree. They win their points in Terrier meetings not show circles. They are prized by their owners for performance chasing, challenging or catching wild life. After a hard day or nights work “hopefully” they are loved family pets. The term Fell comes from the Fells; the Lake District and are sold as “Lakelands” but are different to the pedigree Lakeland Terriers in colour and traits. Fells are ‘rugged’ and often bred by terrier fanciers or travellers. They are tough ‘longer legged’ small medium terriers. Watch them through the website you will see them and soon recognise them out on walks; sadly in rescue centres and especially on the DogLost.co.uk website. Our roads aren’t 1950 roads and hedghogs; foxes; cats and terriers are the most at risk and a terrier could be fixated on any one of these are they fly across the road. They are courageous to a fault, can be a little bit too defensive for their owners liking. Not famed to hold back if challenged nor have it all under control if they are in a rush.

Sadly so many of our Fells sit with us waiting for their homes, because they so need responsible homes. People submit our homing questionnaire with ‘must come off lead’; ‘must be able to live with three cats’; ‘we have time now as we are rearing a family. How are they with babies?’ These are the reasons they have failed their homes because people don’t have respect for their terrier ways. Purchase any dog and go into their roots ?what were they genetically engineered to do. Lakelands are ‘working type’ terriers and need to be respected, managed and loved for what they ARE not for what they AREN’T. To place our terriers, we need to know your lifestyle; about visiting dogs; age of owners including intent to have a family or take in grandchildren for substantial periods and match accordingly. Many of our Terriers lose their homes and lives, because a baby comes; they can’t handle toddlers; or they lack of a terrier-proof garden.

We are looking for ‘feet on the floor’, sleeves rolled up people, with a lot of heart and forgiveness. A terrier person naturally blames themselves not their dog. They aren’t people to involve a behaviourist two weeks into homing because they get excited when the postman comes.

Bunty Fell Terrier

Phoebe Fell Terrier

Pippin Fell Terrier

Huxley Fell

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