Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier are super terriers with verve, nerve and a huge fan club and we’re part of it! They come short legged; intermediate or long legged; latter are Parsons. To be ‘showable’ the Ken.Club defines the breed as 55% ‘white/cream’ coat with lineage registration. Within the same litter some can be born black; brown or black and tan as ‘Jack’ as the rest! “Working Type” Terriers, close to their roots, have instincts to match. People step back in horror with any evidence when they kill a soft toy or a mouse.

Jacks- are adored or avoided. We adore them and they are justifiably popular. We often ask people for their views on Jacks. If they are Jack shy then we suggest they don’t go anywhere near the Fell Terrier and seriously consider if they want a Terrier at all. Jacks have fantastic personalities, are first-class comedians but very serious in their own being. They need potential owners to have a sense of humour, fun and adventure. Natural ‘ratters’, rather like cats are natural bird catchers. If you want a tame ‘ever so’ lifestyle you need to choose your ‘Jack’ carefully. We do get what we call ‘little loves’. We also say if a terrier nips or bites it’s par for the course; it should NEVER be a death sentence. People do have to respect their independent, instinct bound behaviours. A Jack whatever its age adapts into your lifestyle, the “old dog new tricks” just doesn’t stack up when we see dogs who have been in kennels all their lives, fit into to a family ‘very nicely’ thank you in old age. Terriers are very adaptable and trainable but to a degree they ARE terriers, as tricks of training are often left at home for treat gain. The travellers are major breeders of Jacks and sell them off through free ads, no backup given!

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