Lakelands Welsh and Fox

Lakeland, Welsh, Fox, Border and Plummer Terriers are medium-sized terriers, small medium sized dogs. Their hunting ‘working’ roots shine through as they come into maturity (9-20 months). Their play reflects this and need understanding for people not to over react. They need socialisation, socialisation and socialisation as puppies and managed from there on. They are independent spirits and need to be negotiated with like toddlers and appreciated for being Terriers! So many people are attracted to their looks and are under the false illusion that with proper ‘training’ they will have a calm, dependable and delightful dog (on wheels) by 12 months. Then when they become 10 months they become bewildered because the adult terrier, with all its instincts surfaces. The owner forgotten they bought a ‘working type’ terrier. These ‘owners’ are rather keen to become ‘ex-owners’ and hence many change hands. They make good family dogs but are not ideal for live-in and visiting young children. They need their audience to be conscious, respectful and tutored. You manage a terrier with respect and attract them into the preferred behaviours.

The pedigrees are fairly rare breeds and have their own active breed rescues. Some of those rescues try to protect their breeds name and put to sleep returned terrier rather than understand their needs and bring them through. We help these breeds often. Most breed rescues are run by breeders who are there for their dogs; some may also be there for their own breed but will look for proof of pedigree and not take ‘home bred’. Their dogs are often bred from kennelled stock focused on the ‘show circuit’ and parents haven’t lived ‘pet lives’. The danger of this is they are bred for show rather than temperament.  They will expect ‘Pedigree’ prices for their dogs and if they don’t have an ex-breeder available they may try to tempt you into buying a puppy. Breeders associated with Rescue work are more likely to give a more honest view of the breed traits, rather than flowery descriptions as promoter of potential. They adore their breed and couldn’t do it any injustice.

Annie and Brandy Lakies

Bruno Welsh

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Millie Fox

Freddie Lakeland