Tribute to Marley Terrier

Marley was a great supporter of terrier rescue always tweeting our appeals for homes or fundraising efforts.  Marley raised a massive amount of money for us this year through FlatMarley on Twitter.
If you would like to donate in memory of Marley and leave a tribute message
I will add your name and message to Marley’s tribute page
£1658.00 Thank you to all who have donated in Marley’s memory
All donations updated 24/01/13
Claire Knight – In Memory of Marley (TR)Beth L. Bodenstein – In memory of Marley from @GizmoGeodog & his Mom

Valerie Perry – Happy Pantopawz memories of Marley much missed x

Judith Martin – Marley Terrier’s fund on behalf of JazzyDaCat

Joseph John Burchell – Bless you little dog xx

Lisa O’Keefe – In memory of Marley from Lisa and Sidney Wigglebum O’Keefe

Mark Bayliss  – In memory of Marley

Catherine Goodman – For Marley Terrier – Fanks for the laughs brofur – love @toffee_terrier

Robert Stevens – In memory of dear Marley, & especially #flatmarley who rode with me on my LEJOG bike ride & entertained us all!

Val Sansford – In memory of Marley. Obviously a very special boy.

Stuart Slicer  – Sleep well dear pal not a day has past without us having happy thoughts of you from your forever pal murfee @no1border

Helen Barker  – for Marley, from one little brown dog to another, RIP pal, from Archie@scruffyterrier

June Takeshita – In memory of Marley Terrier. Thank you Kolo for setting this up.

Christine McKenna – In memory of our pal, Marley. A true King amongst dogs.

Fergus Campbell – In memorie of me pal Mawley, run free my furiend. #elloforyou Baksta

Barbara Vick – In memory of Marley. Ennis & his humans will sorely miss that little brown dog. *sniff*

Stuart Slicer – We give a donation in your name Marley pal but no amount of £ could pay for all the giggles & smiles you brought to every fur’s life #legend

Cheryl O’Malley – For Marley..with love from Mr. Pip and Cooper

Stella Cheetham  – In memory of Marley who I only just found out about

Sharon Findlay – Tribute to Marley Terrier

Joy McGrimmond – In the memory of Marley border terrier

Steve Derrick – In memory of Marley page – love from Tonks and her humans

Janey Walker – In memory of Marley Terrier?

Trea Saint  – In loving memory of my great pal, Marley! Thwock! Loved forever. My NORTY STEP won’t be the same without you glued to it! X

Vicky Owen – In memory of Marley

Fetch Pet Shop – Goodbye for you…Marley, the little brown dog who brightened up our everyday with his exploits and observations. You are miseed, Sparky and Shopgirl.

H Angell – In memory of marvelous Marley – if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have our lovely BT – thank you Marley.x

Robin Harrison – In honor of one of the best — Marley. We miss you so much.
Run free little brown dog.xoxo

Bonnie Twining – In Memory of Marley from LilyLuWhoT

Edwin Sutton – Marley – The first bestest pal, love @ErnietheBorder

Jane Drummond – In memory of Marley

Deborah Collins – In memory of Marley, from @chillibrambles, you will not be forgotten little brown fur friend.

Caroline Hill-Trevor – In memory of our friend @marleyterrier

Susannah Coleman – In memory of Marley

Nicola Cameron – In memory of Marley Joy (@marleyterrier) – our beloved BT posse leader

Agnes Murphy  – Marley Terrier always in our hearts. Shine bright little pal xxx

Lyn Armstrong – In memory of Marley Terrier from Bella and Lyn

Jo Williams – In memory of marley from Tillydog #btposse

Christine Roberts  – Marley the best

Flora Ellis – In memory of Marley from Hetty

Anne Cameron – Marley Joy,was ever a wee dog so aptly named,sorely missed.Bonnie

Deborah Mallett – In memory of Marley – we will never forget you

Andrew Grindrod – In memory of Marley

Joanne Wallis – For Marley, the little brown dog with the big heart, run free OTRB @woodythebt

Tracy Turner – In memory of Marley, a special pal amongst pals, love from Rooobeee xxx

Heather Alexander – In memory of a great anipal Marley, from @TheTwiglet

Helen Sykes – In memory of Marley – a top BT. From OtistheBorder.

Judith Martin – In memory of Marley Terrier, a true friend! With love from Kolo Martin

Teresita Pino – You will never be forgotten Marley Terrier from your pal @ Smokey8

Richard Burgess  – In memory of Marley – thanks for all the smiles pal, from @Bonnieterrier

martine bierings – in Memory of Marley RIP @Bijntje

Christopher Barnham – In memory of Marley Terrier. a wonderful friend. I hope you’re chasing squirrels with Bunners, love Oscar cute_bt

GARY HANNENT – In memory of Marley from @Bonniethewestie

Jane Delaney – For Marley

Sally Mason – In memory of Marley, a legend and a gentleman. We miss you. Sally, Luke and @ozzietheborder

Nicolette Butler – In memory of Marley terrier, RIP from @milo_rossiDamian Stoupe – Jane Stoupe – for Marley on behalf of @jakedoganlity #btposse

Rosalind Bull – In memory of dearest Marley who brightened my woofer-less world

Peter Jackson – In memory of Marley Terrier, from Murphy Jacks

Tony Newstead- Bentham – In memory of my pal @marleyterrier. You will always be with us.

Jo Haill – For @marley thank you for all the funny tweets and eating that dinosaur.

Susan Moore – In Memory of Marley

Chantal Watling – In Memory of Marley

Siobhan McClelland – In Memory of Marley

Lisa jackson – Miss you pal marley from @borderterrorhol

Julie Allinson – For the Marley Fund. From @julieallinson, @louisemoody and @scrabblefscruff

Mandy Daveridge – In memory of Marley Terrier a legend and our pal! Run free Marley! Jack & Molly xx

Tim Kirby – For Marley – thanks for all the good times – with love from Tim and Julie

Claire Hudson – For Marley from @mollie_the_lab

Louise Arthurs – For Marley

Graham Calder – In memory of our friend Marley from @TedTheBorder proud member of the #BTposse

Mary Roever – In Memory of Marley – RIP Sweetie

Diane McKee – In memory of Marley – a special dog who will be sorely missed. BT Monty

Wellspring Therapies – From Indie (@borderpup) in honour of our special friend Marley.

Kaye Price – In memory of Marley terrier xx

J Cliff – In memory of Marley Terrier – so missed

Louise Brooker – In memory of the wonderful Marley, Border Terrier extraordinaire

Lisa Bird – In memory of @marleyterrier

Katherine Gower – In memory of Marley the BT

Cheryl Stavis – In memory of Marley

Joanne Green – In memory of the lovely Marley Terrier

Sandra Gitsham – This is in tribute to Marley, an inspirational border terrier , who will be greatly missed. Go run Marley xx

Theresa Wright – Terrier Rescue: In honour of Marley Terrier

Deborah MacLeod – In honouR of Marley #ripmarley #btposse

Emma James-French – In memory of the wonderful Marley Terrier and Toby our cross Terrier.

Ruth Turner – This donation is in memory of @marleyterrier who never failed to bring a smile to my face. An honour to have known & shared laughs with him. love always from Briar @wonderwinger

Kevin Phillips – from @OllyTed in memory of @MarleyTerrier

Albert Porcher – In memory of Marley

Sarah Diggle – In memory of @marleyterrier and all the fun had.

Sarah Luxton – In memory of beloved Marley

Sarah Wintle – In Memory of Marley from Bramble BT

Naomi Beard – In memory of Marley the Terrier, a legend x

Adele Siddall – In memory of our lovely pal Marley.

Doug Quinn – For my tweet pal Marley. I MISS MARLEY. Always Pidge

Sara Davies – Marley terrier donation in memory from bluetheborder

Sharon Markes – For you marley terrier otrd

Astrid Hojlund – RIP Marley x

Caroline Hill-Trevor – In memory of our friend @marleyterrier

Lesley Hockley – In memory of dear Marley

Helen Booth – In memory of my fine friend Marley Terrier. RIP Marley x

Hayley Jenkins Powell – In memory of Marley the Terrier

Emily Wintle – In memory of Marley Terrier

Ian Simpkins – In memory of Marley whom I only knew through Twitter, but who made me laugh so much. With sympathy to all his family. Reki blessings Doreen @HaveAHappyHound

Maria Steele – In memory of Marley

Mike Hervey-Murray – In memory of our pal Marley from Rohan the BT

Adrian Graves – In memory of a gentleman terrier Marley

Julie Jones – RIP Marley my pal. A special dog & a legend. @erictheborder

Sara Stone – In memory of Marley Terrier (@marleyterrier)

Nickie Armstrong – In memory of Marley xxx

Philippa King – In memory of the incomparable Marley Terrier. RIP. xxx

Sara Mitchell –  In honour of Marley Terrier

Wendy Cooper – For Marley from your friend Lexie Dogstoyevsky. Run free sweet pal