Parsons Jack Russell

Parsons are long-legged Jacks. They Jacks, but those long legs come from sighthound genetics and bring chase instinct together with prey instinct. Rather than ‘Ratting’ they were apparently used for fox and badger baiting. We have no interest in the working side of terriers but you need awareness of those instincts: They have been bred into them and are only apparent upon full maturity. Buying a Terrier pup and putting in TLC doesn’t make a hoot of difference in, terrier pups need heaps of socialisation to help dull their instincts so they learn to respect! This will influence the degree of control you have in trying to manage them.

The long-legged Terriers tend to be more ‘aloof’ in nature which Terrier addicts appreciate as part of their independent spirit. Coat wise they come smooth, broken /rough on the back and beard or and wire/ rough coated. The rough coat is meant to protect their skin going in the brambles. We have a lot of Parsons come through pounds having ‘failed’ to return to their owners while ‘on the job’ or perhaps gone to ground for a while and become disorientated on alighting. You definitely have to microchip and have a clear stamped disc (not engraved) on your Parsons. IF you are chancing them off the lead, stay well away from roads; use a squeaky toy or high whistle to attract them back before they ‘engage’ with a sighting. No matter how trained they are, once their attention is focused, your call becomes a distant, familiar, almost annoying, “a flea in their ear!”

Betty Parsons JRT

Blue Parsons JRT

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Stan Parsons JRT