Poem For Terriers

So you’re looking for a terrier – then you’ve come to the right place
If you don’t see your new “special friend” now, then just watch this space
We rescue Lakelands, Fells, Patties, and of course Staffie’s galore
Jack Russell’s, Borders & Yorkies, plus many, many more!

That sweet little terrier you’re looking for, has instincts to kill their prey
They’ll shake their toys until “they’re dead”, it won’t see another day
A friend that’s full of character, whose personality truly rocks
Sitting on your lap one minute, then sneaking off with your socks
Houdini in the making, always beating you to the front door
Taking possession of your bed, well you’ve always got the floor
You’ll be resorting to distraction, when their aim just seems hell bent
A dog that makes you laugh so much, they must have been heaven sent
They’ll give you a run for your money, you’re never be in full control
But if you can only keep up with them, they’ll leave their mark on your soul!

We’d like to make a recommendation, for a breed that’s misunderstood
We cannot praise them highly enough, we’ve nothing to say but good
They’ll give you love and kisses, clean your ears from inside out
And once you’ve had one in your life, you’ll never be without
They’re loyal, forgiving & tender, not a gentler terrier to be found
Sweet natured around children, they’ll keep them safe and sound
Wagging tails & a big wide grin, from morning through to night
Worthless yobs have given bad ‘rep’, & caused them a terrible plight
So if you want  that “dreamboat” dog, please check out “every” page
Staffie’s count too, they need a break & should really be all the rage!

Written for Terrier Rescue © Sharon Reynolds 2009