Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffies are quite a different type of terrier and easier to manage and train than their cousins. They are stocky, smooth coated with ‘rose’ ears usually and a keen interest in people as affection exchangers and food is usually a keen interest. To come up close to a Staffie is to engage in such friendliness and their lickability is second to none. They willingly engage in a ‘face washing’ service, if you’ll play game, if not a paw shake offered to the less brave hearted. Yes in this respect they are very dangerous dogs! They often love to play ball because they are engaging with their people. They are famed for stick acquisition and carriage. Some will share happily but others can be a little possessive of their prize. Staffies usually give very clear bodily language.

Staffies rub along with other dogs and we home many in with other dogs; cats or kids. They adore children and usually deferent and respectful towards them. Staffies will settle when left, providing they get an interesting walk prior. They may protest whimper as you leave, heaping on the guilt. You leave feeling you have mortally wounded them but a peep 5 mins later you’ll hear their snoring coming from the sofa. Staffies are clowns; they laugh and make you laugh. As adolescents that intensity to make contact can lead to ‘leaping lords’ which is an issue families have to manage them to greet you with 4 paws touching the ground. So what of Staffies and other dogs outside? Well actually no different to any other dog, and in our opinion easier than terriers as they tend not to be interested in other dogs. They’re into their walk, may tell a bouncy off lead dog off, as they don’t like dogs in their face. On most accounts you have told the other dog off before they speak and tell them off! Yes a big feature with Staffies is, perhaps due to their deep bond and identification with their humans, is they really to try to speak to you; sing to you, but seldom bark. The public have been wrongly hyped about the breed from a misinformed, ‘headline hunter’ press. We don’t recommend Staffies come off a extender so you are always engaged in their public encounters. They then can‘t be accused of being out of control and you can take command ask others to get their dogs under control.  A Staffies owners night=mare is the Labrador owner who runs over or calls from a distance ‘He only wants to play!’ Off lead with such a sociable nature, you’ll spend you time trying to get your dog back, they having joined a family across the way! Baffoons is the word to describe Staffies, they have you in stitches.

Monty and Chilli Staffie

Saffy Staffie

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Ted Staffie

Raj Staffie