Terrier Cross

The Terrier in crossbreeds usually shines out in their eyes and stance. On greeting the dance of delight hopefully brings a smile. We help many terrier crosses but what we are finding when people want a ‘cross breed as they are healthier they then only want a best of both cross. When to cross 2 breeds or with ancestry even more; you have a blend. This is where the designer breeds with all their salacious names make us laugh Jug the Jacks x Pug. The Pug fans don’t actually want the terrier nature shining through. The Jack fans are perturbed by the looks and oddness of looks. Another recent was a Westie x Jack. She was a ‘Westie on speed’ and wanted to run and run. Terriers crosses are all unique and little treasures. You have to just love them. They are unique persons all in their own right. Isn’t that truly what we should view with all our K9 friends?

Archie Terrier x

Benson Terrier x

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Darrian Terrier x

Lexi Terrier x