Westies, Scotties and Cairns

Small Terriers Westies, Scotties, Cairns, Sealyham, Yorkies, Norfolk and Norwick Terriers etc. tend to be quite substantial in size and body weight and can weigh the same as their ‘medium’ counterparts. Puppy farmers are making their money out of these are Terriers. Free ads serve the Puppy Farmers well. They pick up stock “Free to a good home” lock them up and breed from them and sell the pups via Free ads, pet shops and through puppy agents ‘own homes’.  Traditional breeders struggle to compete. The public are more concerned about ‘price than ethics’. They have no hesitation in taking back ‘their’ sickly pup as a reject, and in fury asking for their money back. ‘It’, the puppy, ‘is just a commodity and probably returned then killed as ‘substandard stock’. The ethics are hidden as the ‘purchaser’ doesn’t want to think too much about this; it’s the price and end result that counts.

We rescue ex-breeding stock, they maybe pedigree in name but not premium specimens and arrive in a dreadful state. People just interested in a cheap pedigree, won’t get one from us as these dogs need the best! It is a dilemma in rescue. Some rescues take puppy farm ‘out of date’ stock, ask no questions having saved that dog from a swift premature death. Some public or agents buy rejects from puppy farmers at knock down prices “saving” these dogs. Anyone putting money into puppy farmers; trader’s pockets become supporters of that industry and the depravity it stands for.

These ‘softer’ terriers can be spoilt like ‘prized babies’ and oh do they get the upper hand! Who could blame them? Independent spirits need to be negotiated with and appreciated as Terriers!  To find out Breed Rescue contact numbers search on the internet. Most breed rescues are run by breeders who are there for their dogs and sales. Some may also be there for their own breed, but will look for proof of pedigree and not willingly take dogs in with inherent problems e.g. “Westie skin disease”, less than perfect or ‘crosses’. The dogs that aren’t helped may end up in Rescue Centres, local papers or worse!

Breeder Rescues will expect near ‘Pedigree’ prices and may try to tempt you into buying an ex- breeder or a puppy. Adults are rarely neutered and they have a often ‘second-hand / rate’ attitude to the dog, while ‘selling’ them for their parentage prestige. Breed Rescues are more likely to give a more honest view of the breed.  Breeder or promoters are likely to give flowery descriptions as ‘they adore their breed and couldn’t do it any injustice’!

Buster Scottie
Maybabe Westie
Library Photos

Noddy Yorkie

Charlie Norfolk