Working Lakelands

This a general term that describes one of the founding strains of Lakelands from the breeder Gary Middleton. They tend to have a tight wire coat mainly black and tan with a saddle. They are quite small in size and bursting with personality and sweet, sweet natures. Rescues will mistake them for ‘Welsh terriers’ because ofcourse these are close working root cousins. Many find their homes with people thinking they are Welsh. All these artificial boundaries blur together but stand them against a Welshie and a Fell and you’ll she a much studier Terrier. Like the Fell, can be reactive and excitable in other dogs company. They are very trainable and can be in there mastering agility and coming away with the rosettes! The smoother coated dogs are usually just called Fell terriers or Black and Tan Fell terriers.

Fell Terrier are your ‘Terriers!’ They aren’t pedigree, they aren’t prized in pedigree show circles; but they are there prized by their owners for either the work they do chasing, challenging or catching wild life or loved family pets. The term Fell comes from the Fells, Lake District and hence they are loosely termed Lakelands and sold as Lakelands but very different to the pedigree Lakeland terriers which have a strong bedlington element in their blue and beige pale coats. They are ‘rugged’ and often bred by travellers; lost by travellers and adverted in local papers by travellers. They are ‘longer legged with pointed faces’ and not strict within a genetic pool. Looking through the website you’ll see them and learn to recognise them out and about; sadly in the rescue centres and especially on the They are courageous to a fault, can be a too defensive for some owner’s likes. Not famed to hold back if challenged nor have it all under control if they are in a rush. They need to know you are in control and then they can relax and trundle about their business, ever busy… busy bodies!

MollieJenkins Working Lakeland

SamKizzie Working Lakeland

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Samson Working Lakeland

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