Leave your Paw Prints

You found us surfing the net and landed on our website because you are curious about Terriers and the Rescue work we are doing. Rest assured our Terrier’s in our care are safe. We do our level best and we work to the highest of ethics. Our Terriers are lucky to come to us and are loved as you will see by clicking any picture on our Homeless page. You will begin to appreciate our dedicated work with our wonderful Terriers friends.

We can’t help dogs without your support.

Please consider these ways to leave your paw print
A one off PayPal donation and please complete our giftaid form which will increase the gift by 20%

A rock solid support method by setting up a standing order form and phoning it through to your bank or printing it off and taking it to your bank but before you leave please complete our on-line Gift Aid form that will give us 20% more.

Be aware of the ‘true’ cost of helping homeless dogs …. hold your breath as you count our kennelled dogs.  Every time we say ‘yes’ and commit to saving another dog’s life we are paying £7-8 per day £240 per month per dog.  Many have been with us a long time.  The recession hit our Rescue slowing homing rates, but in truth it has hit homeless dogs much harder than us, so many are losing their lives.  At any one time we could reach out and offer over 200 dogs a rescue place that is how dire the situation is. Our HEART IS BIG and we have strong/high standards and are skilled in what we offer. As money comes in, it goes straight out to pay our bills. Trust: we work night and day to save and place our dogs into stable, skilled and loved homes
Huge thank you from your Terrier friends…