Patterdale Terrier Rescue

Welcome to our specialised Patterdale and Fell Terrier website! Fell Terriers originate in the English Lake District, or Fells, and come in many colours. Patterdales, or Patties, are black or dark brown Fell Terriers. We immersed ourselves in the world of the working Lakeland Terrier types when we originally set up Lakeland Terrier Rescue many years ago. This labour of love has evolved into our present day Patterdale Terrier Rescue.

Fell Terriers are the real McCoy. Their instincts hinge upon the hunt and chase; this includes the desire to go to ground after prey. Safety is a prime concern for these busy, bright dogs. Fell Terriers need to be cajoled, enticed, and positively managed: never confronted. In the right hands, however, Patterdales are particularly sweet terriers. Patterdale Rescue will help you understand what a family takes on when it rehomes a Fell Terrier. Please take advantage of the information on this website. It will help you decide whether a Patterdale is the right dog for you!